The 300 Workout Routine: How The Cast Of The Movie 300 Got In Awesome Shape

So if you’ve seen the movie 300 then first off you know the movie rocked (at least I thought so) and second of all you know that the entire cast looked AWESOME. All of them were sporting more than just a little muscle and they were all ripped to shreds. I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a movie before it with that many both muscular and incredibly lean cast members.

300 workout routine pic 1

So when I decided to write this post I went about my way doing research the way I usually do. Trying to find out every piece of information on the web about how they achieved those results. What I found was that almost everything I found on the net was NOT what they actually did to get in shape for the movie… I mean if you type in “300 workout”, or “300 workout routine” into google right now you’ll find a bunch of pages including a page on Mens Health about the “The 300 Workout” and all it is, is a 300 rep workout of various exercises that the cast used as a bench mark to test their fitness levels as they got in better shape while training with Mark Twight (the trainer that trained the cast of 300). It was NOT the workout they used to get in shape like they did. So being the awesome dude that I am (your welcome) I figured I’d fill you in on the kind of stuff they actually did do to achieve those results.

What they did in fact do was a mixture of:

-Metabolic Conditioning (metcon) : This kind of work is great for fat loss. Think intense ass interval cardio, burning muscles, and thus pukage.

-Ring Training: To develop stabilization strength, and relative strength.

-Bodyweight Exercises: For muscular endurance and metcon purposes.

-Strength Training: To get, you know… strong.

Here’s a clip of Mark Twight and the cast talking about what it took to get into spartan warrior shape:

Gerard Butler on the workouts: It’s been said that Gerard Butler aka Leonidas even went on to say that he never, ever wanted to come across any kind of gym for the rest of his life after having trained for the movie. It was obvious that these guys got their asses handed to them.
I’m also pretty sure there was even more of an emphasis on strength training then was originally alluded to in that video for the simple fact that many of these guys (the cast) came into it with almost no workout experience at all. Meaning that they needed to bulk up quite a bit for the film and metcon workouts most definitely did not account for the amount of muscle some of these guys sported.

Now as I said earlier Mark periodically had them perform a workout that consisted of 300 total repetitions of various exercises to test their fitness levels. That workout/test is to be done with absolutely no rest unless you’re unable to finish the allotted repetitions in which case you would rest only enough to finish out that exercise then you’d perform the next exercise immediately. That workout/test is as follows:: 25 Pull ups, 135lb. Deadlifts for 50 reps, 50 Push ups, 50 24in Box Jumps, 50 Floor Wipers, 50 One Arm Clean and Presses a 36 pound Kettlebell, and finishing off with another 25 pullups.

Sounds simple but I guarantee if you put your all into that you’d either be layed out or hudled over a toilet. Either of which is great.

From checking the out forums and other sites it seems that lots of people have taken it upon them to take what Mark Twight intended to be a test and make it their workout hoping to get similar results. Unfortunately it just ain’t gonna’ work like that. First off that routine would mainly work your muscular endurance and although it would be great for metcon it wouldn’t do much for you as far as muscle building goes. If I were you and I wanted to get a similar look I’d look into a workout program such as Visual Impact because that’s the kind of thing that’s really going to help you pack on some muscle and even lean out while you’re at it.